What we do:

  • 40+ Space Science experiments
  • 5-10 days Space camp in a year
  • Training to program a satellite
  • Astronaut training experience
  • Multiple telescopes for space observation
  • 360-degree star projectors 
  • A Space themed interior 
  • Satellites and Rocket models like GSLV, PSLV  
  • 20+ working models, 40+ experiments 
  • Structured syllabus mapping with existing curriculum

SKI Labz – Immersive & interactive learning experience, promoting STEM education.

  • “To revolutionize space education, with the ultimate goal of enabling people to get real time knowledge and filling the technological gap”
  • “Inspire and motivate to build a better nation.”



  • Our mission is to inspire and empower students by providing space labs in schools, fostering a dynamic learning environment that enables them to explore and discover the wonders of space science and technology. 
  • We aim to provide students with the opportunity to engage in hands-on experimentation in our space labs. By conducting experiments related to space science, astronomy, and related disciplines, students can actively explore scientific concepts, develop practical skills, and deepen their understanding of the universe.
  • Space exploration relies heavily on advanced technology. Our space labs offer students hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment, software, and digital tools. By developing technological literacy and digital skills, students gain proficiency in utilizing technology as a tool for scientific inquiry, data analysis, and communication.

However, SKI Labz is bridging that gap.