Mission ShakthiSAT

ShakthiSAT, driven by the burning desire to empower little girls globally through the awe-inspiring realm of space exploration, plans the participation of 10800 courageous girls from every corner of the globe, representing 108 diverse nations. With unwavering determination, the mission sets out to extend a golden opportunity to 108 talented students, igniting their passion

In a world scarred by division and discord, ShakthiSAT stands as a beacon of hope, fervently dedicated to fostering unparalleled international cooperation and unity. With hearts ablaze with the spirit of unity, our mission dares to transcend the confines of geography and culture, envisaging a momentous occasion that unites humanity under the vast expanse of the cosmos.


  • Unleashing the Universe’s Untapped Stars: A mere 20% of space jobs are held by women. Engaging girls isn’t just closing a gap, it’s launching a universe of untapped talent.
  • Equal Access to Infinity: Every girl deserves to reach for the stars. Let’s shatter stereotypes and ignite the next generation of trailblazing astronauts.
  • Igniting Passion, Building Leaders: Hands-on experiences spark a love for science and hone essential skills. Girls in space programs transform into confident leaders shaping the future of STEM.
  • Breaking Barriers, Reaching Beyond: Encouraging girls to excel in traditionally male-dominated fields isn’t just about careers, it’s about shattering stereotypes and reaching for the impossible.

WHY 108 Countries?

  • Unifying a Global Quest: Imagine 100 nations joining forces! This isn’t just diversity; it’s a symphony of brilliant minds from every corner of the Earth.
  • Igniting a Spark of Innovation: When cultures collide, so do ideas! Collaboration across borders sparks unprecedented creativity, leading to breakthroughs
  • Breaking Down Walls, Building Bridges: This isn’t just about space; it’s about understanding. By engaging students from diverse backgrounds, we foster mutual respect and creating a future where humanity explores the cosmos as one.
  • Leaving an Unforgettable Footprint: We’re not just reaching for the stars; we’re making a global impact. By uniting nations, we amplify our collective voice and ensure space exploration benefits all of humanity.